Sunday, December 18, 2011

And finally.

Mordechai left the palace and he is now dedicating himself to making the Jews safer and happier. I'm so proud of him. I'm still here with Xerxes, and we're as happy as can be.

Thank you so much for sticking with me through this follower. This will be my last blogpost.

The chefs made these to celebrate, I'll think they'll be part of the tradition.

Peace to you all and Happy Purim!!

Love from,



Oh wow.

Mordechai has become very influential around the country, so people are starting to fear him, and the Jews. The Jews have taken to killing and plundering, they killed 500 men, they even killed the ten sons of Haman! This was all in one area, though.

 The rest of the Jews are only defending and trying to keep peace, or so I've heard. They have one day, the fourteenth day of Adar, where they stop defending and rest. They celebrate on this day and give food to neighbouring families. We sent out a decree to declare this day an official holiday. Because Haman pulled out a 'pur', a lottery to kill us, and we turned against 'him', we are planning on naming the holiday Purim! We will celebrate it every fourteenth and fifteenth day of Adar, and all jews will from now on. :)

I've marked my calendar!

I feel like this is my reward, and what a fantastic one it is!

Peace be with you,


WE won!!!

The Jews overcame the army, and they are now free to practice their religion. Everything, circumcision, tefillin, the torah! Everything's so wonderful!

This whole thing has been such an adventure, and Mordechai said I should be very proud of myself. But I'm just so happy to see everyone safe and sound, and that everyone got what was rightly deserved.

The Newspaper front page that day!!!

Thank you for staying with me through all of this, follower.

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Not over yet...

Xerxes gave me Haman's house, and I gave it to Mordechai. He truly deserved it.

I pleaded with Xerxes to write up a new decree to stop the killing of my people, and he gave me his ring, and told me to do so. Morchai and I wrote the decree and sent it out to each province that allowed the Jews to fight for themselves. Let's see how everything goes.

I got a bit excited. Needless to say, this was the first draft.

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Saturday, December 17, 2011


When the King and Haman arrived, i had everything set. When Xerxes asked me what i wanted, I said to  him very clearly, that I wanted my people to be saved, and that someone in the palace was trying to eradicate them.

Xerxes was so mad, and he screamed at me to say who it was who would do such a thing. I said Haman. Xerxes had him arrested then and there, and he'll be hanged on the gallows he built (I heard he built them for Mordechai!) later tonight. We did it!! Oh, I'm so overjoyed, I can't describe!! I can finally relax.

Joy be with you all,



Nyawww, Mordechai

Mordechai has finally been honoured for his good deeds! Xerxes learnt about what he had done when he had heard Bigsan and Seresh's plan to poison him, and so Mordechai was dressed in the king's clothes and allowed to ride the king's horse throughout the city! And Haman had to walk next to him and say "This is what happens to the man the King honours!' How wonderful! Stupid Haman, ha, finally having to give in.

What I've done to my portrait of Haman. 
I guess good does conquer all, even when it is something small.

Lots of love everyone,



Okay. New Plan.

So, I went to the King's court, expecting to be killed. But instead he was so sweet! He asked me what i had come for, telling me he'd give me anything, even half the kingdom :P

I thought quickly, and told him to come to a banquet I would hold for him and Haman, then I would tell him what i wanted. He seemed fine with that.
The three of us at dinner together, Haman's looking as miserable as ever.

That night, I hadn't thought everything through yet. So i just told both of them to come back the night after, and then I would tell him what I wanted. I looked outside my window and saw Haman leaving, and Mordechai did not bow to him again. I wish he wasn't so stubborn sometimes.

The next morning I saw Haman's servants building gallows, I'm worried that he's onto me :(

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. I'm trying my best to be as brave as I can, there's so much at stake right now.

Pray for me,